All Forms Available

All the regulatory compliance forms are pre-fed in the system and are immediately available to use by the inspectors in the field. Any additional form can be easily populated into the system and will become available to the inspector in the field.


Easy To Fill Forms

With Pruvit's intuitive UI and native approach, the inspector won’t feel the difference between filling out a paper form vs filling out a digital form with the help of a stylus. 


Capture Image & Use Annotations

Pruvit™ app allows you to link photos, markup and site sketches to any smart document. You can take photos on site or import photos from your photo Library. You can also add markup and sketches to any photo. The images are instantly shared with your team and securely stored in the cloud


Capture GPS Location & Time Stamp

Team locations are tracked continuously using the built-in GPS of the Pruvit™ devices (even in remote areas) and the data is uploaded to our cloud servers. Your team’s location tracking data remains private to your company at all times.

The time stamp is also captured during the reporting process.


Offline Support

The Pruvit app allows you to complete forms even without an Internet connection. It accomplishes this by caching or downloading form templates in the device and doesn't rely upon a continuous connection to the Internet. 

online offline work.png

Capture Signature

The Pruvit app requires the inspector to sign off the report at the end of the reporting process.

The stylus is provided to the inspectors so that they can sign off the report much like they would on a paper form.


Report Generation

The Pruvit app allows the field inspector to send in the signed off reports directly from the field. The inspectors can fill the form using the stylus and sign it at the end. They can attach images, annotate figures, attach GPS coordinates and timestamps to the report.

The report generated can be easily sent to a list of official email addresses that the inspector wants. Additionally, the report can also be added to Dropbox, Google drive etc.