What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is a first of kind inspection tablet which comes with the Pruvit inspection app and all the relevant inspection forms for your industry.

Pruvit Ecosystem

The Pruvit Device

Since most users who are checking in require to have an intrinsically safe device, we have ensured that you can use the Pruvit™ anywhere.

We supply you with Class1Div2 certified iPads/tablets that you can use in most hazardous facilities in North America.

Now you can use the world's most popular devices instead of the traditional, out dated, clunky, intrinsically safe devices that you currently use.


How it Works

We provide you with the rugged tablet suitable for use in the field. The tablet comes with the Pruvit Inspection app and relevant forms. 

Inspectors or field agents have the ability to fill their reports from any remote location while also allowing administrators, managers, or essentially anyone requiring inspection information, wherever they may be located, to access all the data in real-time!


The Pruvit App

Pruvit is a first and revolutionary mobile solution designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information and streamline field operations by handling large amounts of collected data quickly and easily.

Contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals working in the oil and gas field can utilize multiple mobile forms included into the app to perform inspections, make risk assessments, report density of oil and gas, displacement and weight and more.


Ready to Use

All the regulatory compliance forms are pre-fed in the system and are immediately available to use by the inspectors in the field. Any additional form can be easily populated into the system and will become available to the inspector in the field.

So when you purchase the Pruvit device from us, you are ready to go in the field and perform the inspection.